Welcome to My New Blog Site!

I’m thrilled to share with you some exciting news! I will be venturing onto the airwaves on my first ever radio show “Make Contact with Silvia Rossi” on toginet.com. It will be debuting January 5th, 2011 at 2pm-3pm EST. If you’re unable to listen to it live, you can download the podcast from here or from iTunes. I will be sharing insights, interviewing guests, and taking calls live on air.

I will also be co-hosting “Creative Mojo with Mark Lapinski” Wednesday, December 1st at 3pm-5pm  EST. Be sure to tune in!

Appointment Information:

-Available for private consultations, group events, classes and family sessions.

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  1. Hi Silvia: I have been thinking of you alot. Hope all is well. I just want to tell you that something happened to me that you told me would in a reading. You told me to sit under a tree with someone and you do not know what will happen but Jim wants me to do it. I parked under the tree at the cemetery and sat a few minutes with my mom who is 86 years old in the car. I left her to get out and go to Jim’s grave. When I returned she said to me, “who was the man you were standing with?”. I told her I was alone. She said that there was a man standing behind me close and she thought it was Jim’s younger brother. I know that Jim was there with me. Thanks Sylvia for letting me recognize what happened through your reading. I love you, you are the best.

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