Live on the Air…Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone!

I will be co-hosting Creative Mojo with Mark Lapinski tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 1st. I’m so excited! I absolutely enjoy hanging with Mark. As you will hear, he is quite a rip! I really enjoyed myself the last time I was on his show and I’m looking forward to being his side-kick. I compare Mark to a box of chocolates(a la Forrest Gump); You never know what you’re gonna get!

Don’t forget, I will be launching my show on January 5th 2011 at 2pm EST!

0 thoughts on “Live on the Air…Tomorrow!

  1. Silvia !!!! Hi, I heard you on the show today !! Thanks for sending me the email and I can’t wait for your show.. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!! I don’t expect you remember me I came to a reading at your place in N.J with my friend Karen and I can NEVER thanks you enough…You really changed my life !!! THANK YOU…THANK YOU !!!! hope to see you soon ..


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