Make Contact continues Paranormal Month with guest Kim Kowalczik of  Ghostbreakers Paranormal Group From PA. This Ghost Team is comprised of members who are or were in law enforcement, the military and the mental health fields. Co-Founder Kim will be talking about his numerous paranormal investigations and personal encounters with the ghostly side of life. Last February’s guest, Noelle McNeil, Author of “Heaven Exists” talks about her upcoming appearance on Biography Channel’s  I Survived Beyond and Back series.

If you have a personal ghost story to share or you have a question for Psychic Medium Silvia Rossi or her guests do not miss this show!

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More about this week’s show guests:

In addition to Kim having over 30 years experience investigating the Paranormal both here and abroad. Kim is also a retired Criminal Investigator for the U.S. Armed Forces, worked for the Juvenile Justice Commission as well as being an undercover detective with the Pinkerton’s Detective Agency early in his career. He has worked all types of cases from petty crimes to Murder with many Local, State, Federal and International Law enforcement agencies. He has been a Chief Investigator, Lead Investigator, Crime Scene Evidence Collector and an Evidence Custodian in addition to many years of Criminal Investigation both overt and covert. He has formal education and training in Crime Scene processing and Evidence Collecting. Disciplines he uses in Paranormal Investigation also. He has used his education and experience to put together a professional and dedicated team to investigate the Paranormal.  He was fortunate enough to be able to retire at 46 and now pursues Paranormal Investigation full time.  Kim has lived, visited & investigated all over the U.S. and abroad in his life & career. He is married, has 4 children and currently living in New Jersey.  http://www.ghostbreakers.com

Noelle McNeil

Graduate of Monmouth University

Noelle McNeil was born January 24, 1985. She resides with her family in New Jersey. Noelle graduated from Monmouth University and is looking to persue a career, combining her education and experience in the hospital setting, serving as a liaison between medical personnel and the patients.

She is now at the gym 7 days a week working on balance, coordination and core strength training. She continues to use exercises and techniques learned in therapy many years ago. She shares her experiences with young people and carries a message of acceptance and hope for all.


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