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As you begin your day remember that we never are alone. Your guide, angels and spirit loved ones are always connected to you. Now, have a great day and know that you are blessed!




  An Evening with Silvia Rossi

       With Special Guest Joseph Stann*

Join Psychic Medium Silvia Rossi, Radio Host of Make Contact with Silvia Rossi, as she visits The Embassy Suites Hotel on March 16th 2012. With 17 years of experience as a psychic medium, Silvia has helped many, privately and through her radio show to understand that there is Always Life and that our Loved Ones are forever connected to us through the everlasting Bond of Love. Her unique blend of compassion, humor and from the heart delivery has always made this event a singularly memorable one for many!

Special Guest Joseph Stann will be speaking about Alternative Healing. Joseph is a professional musician, as well as a Shaman, who understands and applies music as a tool to help align the Spirit, Mind, and Body. Joseph is an advanced Shaman, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and an Intuitive. Joseph has been trained in Shamanism by David Corbin and Nan Moss of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Joseph’s illustrious musical career spans over 3 decades and includes performing with music legends Clarence Clemmons, Bruce Springsteen, and Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.

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When: Friday March 16th 2012 At 6:30pm

Where: Embassy Suites Parsippany

909 Parsippany Boulevard, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054

Tickets: $45 in Advance, $55 at the door.

To reserve seats please call                         973-584-8346             or buy your tickets through PayPal, make your payment to:

This event typically sells out so reserve your tickets now!

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To know that your prayers are answered, it just may be in God’s time and not when you want it to
To live in Faith and not hopelessness
Not letting another’s negative behavior ruin your day
Even if you do have a bad day, you have a chance to start anew the next day
To know that you never walk alone in the world


On this episode Psychic Medium Silvia Rossi airs her final show. Listen to her connect with callers and dispense psychic advice in her down to earth style. She IS the “psychic girl next door”. Join her as Silvia and her callers celebrate the message of Make Contact and say goodbye…for now…

Make Contact with Silvia Rossi | Live Internet Talk Radio | Best Shows Podcasts.


I want to extend my thanks to all the Make Contact listeners who tuned in each week to hear me “make contact” and give my psychic insight to callers. But after taking into consideration family and personal commitments, I decided I could no longer continue to do the show. It was not easy to come to this decision because I have loved every minute of it and I saw how my gift touched so many lives within a relatively short period of time. I will continue to post my public events, musings thoughts and my inspired writings on my blog ( and facebook. So come by and say hello! It has been a sincere pleasure to be able to share my gift on the airwaves with all of you in the past year and I hope that you felt my show opened your mind, and heart and helped you understand that this life is but one step before the eternal. I want to thank God, my family, friends and you all for your support! Until we meet again…:)




3/5/2012*MAKE CONTACT* CALL IN SHOW! MONDAY 11PM EST 877-864-4869

Psychic Medium Silvia Rossi goes to airwaves in this one hour call in show that features her ability to connect with spirit loved ones and dispense psychic advice in her down to earth style. She IS “the psychic girl next door”! Call in for your chance to win tickets to see her in person March 16th at An Evening with Silvia Rossi! DON’T MISS IT!!



A New Day

A New Day, another chance to start again….to correct the mistakes, to learn and to grow. A new day to re-discover your uniqueness….to see your self from the Loving Eyes of God…A New Day to love and to live life with every fiber of your being….FEARLESSLY
~Silvia Rossi