I want to extend my thanks to all the Make Contact listeners who tuned in each week to hear me “make contact” and give my psychic insight to callers. But after taking into consideration family and personal commitments, I decided I could no longer continue to do the show. It was not easy to come to this decision because I have loved every minute of it and I saw how my gift touched so many lives within a relatively short period of time. I will continue to post my public events, musings thoughts and my inspired writings on my blog ( and facebook. So come by and say hello! It has been a sincere pleasure to be able to share my gift on the airwaves with all of you in the past year and I hope that you felt my show opened your mind, and heart and helped you understand that this life is but one step before the eternal. I want to thank God, my family, friends and you all for your support! Until we meet again…:)




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