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September 11th: A Psychic Medium's Perspective


With a heavy heart, I remember 9/11, the event that forever changed us as a nation. It was this generation’s defining tragedy. I send my prayers to all the families who I’ve read for who lost a husband, wife, sister, brother, son & daughter…up to that point in my career as a medium, I had never encountered such devastating grief. Their tears, their inconsolable grief became mine, in those moments. It stays with me still. God bless all who lost a loved one on that fateful day. You are forever in my heart.





It is truly a fact that the more I walk this earth, the less I know. I can tell you that being a psychic medium puts me in a very interesting position about this matter. Just when I feel I have all the answers, Spirit always teaches me something new. Life is always a process of discovery.