Thanks GSPS!

What a great show today!! I had such a fun time with Mike and Debbie that I just didn’t want the hour to end! And what a great service they are doing by helping people by providing them with information that people can actually see and hear for themselves even if its really creepy sometimes. I know because I lived in  a haunted house in Haledon NJ and if I had known about GSPS I wouldn’t have hesitated to call them. There were nights that neither my roommate or I could sleep. We would hear footsteps, our names being called by the other when we hadn’t or one of us wasn’t even in the house! Looking back I remember the landlord saying to us that we were the only tenants that stayed the longest(2 years) and didn’t leave in the middle of the night! Hope you enjoyed the show, I know I did! Thanks GSPS!!


I am honored to have world renowned author and NDE pioneer PHM Atwater on this week’s show!

Atwater is a noted authority on near-death experiences (NDEs), especially on the after-effects of NDEs,[3] on NDEs in children[4][5] and on hellish NDEs.[6] She experienced three NDEs herself[7] and has interviewed over 4,000 adult and child near-death experiencers.[2] In 2001, her work on NDE after-effects was cited in The Lancet.[8] As a result of her writings, she has been invited to speak around the world.[2][9][10]

Atwater retired as an active fieldworker in near-death studies in 2010, calling for the entire field to recognize near-death states as part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness and how they change people. Her last book on this subject, which gives her summation, is Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story I Died Three Times in 1977 – The Complete Story)