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Randolph Public Library Hosts Medium Silvia Rossi 5/24/17
*Please note that this is an educational event detailing the nature and history of mediumship with a question and answer session as well as including the demonstration of mediumship with a few readings of audience members chosen at random.

SILVIA ROSSI, #LaMediumDeNY HOY en #AlRojoVivo 


Don’t miss Silvia Rossi, The New York Medium Arrives in Miami TODAY at 4pm EST/ 3pm CST on Al Rojo Vivo!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

La Médium De Nueva York, Silvia Rossi Llega A Miami, HOY en Al Rojo Vivo a las 4pm EST/ 3pm central! No se lo pierdan! 

La Médium de Nueva York, Silvia Rossi Llega a Miami en Al Rojo Vivo Mañana JUEVES! The New York Medium Arrives in Miami on Al Rojo Vivo TOMORROW! 

Esta tarde a las 4pm EST/ 3pm central Telemundo presenta el segmento de Silvia Rossi, La Médium de Nueva York en Al Rojo Vivo! No se lo pierdan! ?. 


Today at 4pm EST/ 3pm Central Telemundo airs the segment Silvia Rossi, La Médium de Nueva York (The New York Medium) on Al Rojo Vivo! Don’t miss it!! ?


Every year I look forward to participating at the fundraiser for Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey and this year was no exception. It was held at the White Sands Hotel and catered by Chef George Kretzu owner of Arugula which is in the hotel. The event room was packed!  What can I say, the evening was AMAZING! Spirit messages were flowing!! One of the first messages was for Anne from her brother John who had passed. I strolled up to her and said how good looking & cool her brother was. He said he liked the cowboy boots I was wearing & that he liked boots. Anne jumped up and said she brought his favorite boots to the funeral home so he could wear them. He told me there was a woman who had tucked something with writing on his pocket at his funeral service. Anne could not remember so I asked her family. Well, I received this note from Anne on my Facebook page today:

It was an amazing experience! To know that my brother Joe was there blew me away! The comment about the boots nailed it!!!

I also realized that the note tucked into his lapel was a button that my girlfriend put on his lapel. It said “OMFUG” which was on the front awning at CBGBs!! Amazing!!

Here is another comment from participant, Michelle:

What a great evening Silvia Rossi Thank you I have waited a long time to see you and you didn’t disappoint me. My grandparents came through!

I felt such peace and great vibes throughout the night. My senses were assaulted with visions, tastes, sounds & emotions of the lives of those who once walked among us & were reaching out to their loved ones here on earth to let them know they were alive & well in spirit. Now that to me is success!


It’s that time again when I do the fundraiser for the Point Pleasant Chamber of Commerce for local businesses who are STILL RECOVERING from SANDY. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! This event has SOLD OUT every year for the previous two!!! Hope to see you THERE!! ?


This week ranked among the top 10 best of all time. It was right up there with meeting Santa Clause when I was 3 years old. About 5 weeks ago, a producer from Telemundo’s show Al Rojo Vivo called the day prior to my interview with them & said that they were interested in flying a production crew up from Miami to film me read with a live audience. Well, I for one was PSYCHED! This past Wednesday I met the crew at The Chart House in Weehawken where they had set up their cameras & lights in the event room on the second floor. I must say, it was surreal when I walked in around 9:45am & saw stage lights, TV screens, boom mics and a crew of 6 setting up for the day’s recording! The audience members started trickling in around 10am. I was asked by a anxious audience participant, Lisa, if I was nervous. I think if I had slept the night before, maybe I would have been! Well, the day went off without a hitch & my readings were on point (if I do say so myself!). At one point audience members were in tears because the messages from Spirit were so spot on & moving! At one point, I felt the presence of Angels in the room. Incredible!! I won’t say too much of  much about the messages that came through, so as not to give it away when it airs in July. I will announce the exact dates of when they will air. So stay tuned!

I am truly grateful to God for co-creating this opportunity & for giving me the faith, stamina & wear withal to serve Him & all those who received messages that day ❤️