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Give My Love To A Shooting Star….A Son Receives A Powerful Sign From His Mother


Spirit loved ones find very creative ways to reach out to us here on earth…at least that is what I’ve learned as a practicing medium for over 23 years. I have had clients corroborate instances in which their loved ones have revealed to me in session that they sent them a butterfly or a bird; or made a daughter notice a beautiful rainbow. All were instances that clients believed they were sent a sign from their deceased relative. Below is an email I received from a young man I read for, who’s mother had passed. Soon after she did, he asked for a sign as he was driving home one night. Immediately, he witnessed a shooting star streak across the sky. He was left speechless. As I watched him recount the story, I could see him getting choked up. Below is an email I received from him last night, which even to me, his account is pretty incredible!

“Hey Silvia I hope you remember me you did a reading for me at my girlfriend’s mother’s house about 6 months ago. I just wanted to reach out again to thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me. The weirdest thing just happened as I sat outside listening to our reading. It’s almost 1 am and right when it got to the part where you asked me if I have ever seen my mother reveal herself in a flash of light…I then showed you my tattoo and told you about the shooting stars I saw that I believe are signs from my mom. Just then as I played the CD at that part of our reading, a shooting star arched across the sky. How crazy is that?!! Just figured I’d share that with you. I hope you think that that was as amazing and beautiful as I did. Thank you again hope all is well……………..Jack T”

We are more than flesh and bones….we are pure energy!


We humans may think that we are physical beings living a physical reality. Yes, that may be true, but it is only half of the truth. We are beings with an energy system or spirit that is limitless. It possesses infinite capacity. Through meditation and prayer we are capable of tapping into this system and refine it so that we may develop our intuition and even untapped abilities such as healing and psychic powers. The soul is an energy that is as infinite as the cosmos. You are much more that just cells, flesh, bones and a body….you are also pure energy and limitless!

How Spirit World Communicates with Us



The next time you are driving to you work and all of a sudden your deceased mother’s face flashes in front of you, it’s not a coincidence….not at all. You may not see yourself as a Medium, but that is exactly how they communicate with me. They use your mind to communicate with us here on earth and those passing flashes and thoughts are one way they reach out to us. So the next time that happens, realize that they just said “Hello”!