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A Strong Willed Husband Contacts Wife From the Other Side!

Yesterday I had a client who’s husband had passed away and he was extremely strong in spirit as his personality was in life. During the session he brought up many details of their relationship which she confirmed as well as many incidences in which he had tried to contact her from spirit side; two of which were that he had messed with her phone and made her lights flicker. After the reading she shared with me that she had received a phone call from her OWN in house fax line (same number as her house phone) which is impossible but yet, it happened. Mind-boggling! She showed me the pic below afterwards as well as these irises which for years had never bloomed until after he passed away. Not to mention, she woke up one night and could not get back to sleep and asked her husband to help her fall asleep…All of a sudden Siri came on and said “Did you say: I need help falling asleep Jim?” Her phone was not within her reach….*gulp*… Truly amazing!!