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Brothers Till The End & Beyond ❤️

I ended my work week with a bang. My last clients were a Portuguese husband & wife who were anxious about contacting family members. The first spirit to come through was the husband’s brother who died back in the 1970s. He described his sudden & violent death and told his brother not to worry that his passing was lightning quick. He then went on to describe in detail how peaceful his “death” was; that he was greeted by Antonio their grandfather & that he didn’t want his brother to continue to relive his death.. My client was in tears when I looked up & said to me, “My brother was murdered, thank you so much”.


Over the weekend I read for 2 families steeped in grief. So much loss. Yet through this difficult time their respective relatives came through. One was a wife who talked about her life in detail & still making cake pops in heaven (she made cakes, cookies etc in her business) Another, a son who had died way too soon who offered his parents comfort in the knowledge he was with Frank & Gigi his grandparents. Life goes by in blink, so hold each other closer, love harder, & live with no regrets.