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Mike and Maryanne had a Skype reading with me in which their son came through. Their son showed himself outdoors looking at a rainbow during the Fall here in New Jersey. I asked them if they had seen a rainbow and associated it with their son. Well, when they moved to Florida, they purchased this cutting board and one day noticed this rainbow. Maryanne took a pic of it thinking it was their son saying hello and that he was ok with their move which they both believed was confirmed by me in their reading! 


El Amor No Muere! Pareja muestra photos de sus difuntos! 

 Ayer hice una sessión para una pareja encantadora y se cominaron sus padres por ambos lados de la familia. Descrbí la cercanía de sus espíritus familiares. Después la esposa compartió conmigo estas photos incredibles que ellos acertan son los espíritus visitando durante reuniones familiares. El amor no muere! ???

Ghost Stalkers Premier!


The new kid on the block of paranormal shows, Ghost Stalkers premiered Sunday 10/19. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the showing by good friend and Paranormal Researcher, David Rountree. It was held at the Marley’s Gotham Bar and Grill in Hackettstown NJ and all attendees were in for a real treat. Ghost Stalkers stars actor Chad Lindberg who also starred in The Fast and Furious and October Sky and John E.L Tenney, paranormal expert, author and lecturer who both had near death experiences when they were young. Since then, Chad has possessed a keen awareness and sensitivity to the paranormal, something that becomes all too eerily apparent in this first episode. The show features cutting edge technology developed by David that measures wormholes, usually associated with the occurrence of portals in which paranormal activity occurs. This cutting edge show has downright chilling moments while providing what could be scientific proof of how spirits actually manifest in the physical realm. Chad provided some genuinely scary moments as he attempted to make contact with a negative entity in this first episode filmed at Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana. The crowd at Marley’s was riveted to say the least. Even the bartender, who initially seemed nonchalant, was a little freaked out by the entity’s activity caught by the Ghost Stalkers. Needless to say, I will be tuning in Sundays at 10pm!


My daughter receives a shocking revelation!

The Arizona

Last Friday night, my 18 year old daughter and I decided to spend a girls night in. We had made dinner and were poised to watch Face Off, one of our favorite shows on the SyFy Channel. It is a competition/elimination series showcasing makeup effects artists in which 3 judges pick the winner of each week’s makeup challenge. This show’s challenge had to incorporate each artist’s childhood fears and clowns. The competitors talked about their childhood fears, from spiders to tornadoes. There was one guy (I call him “Ugly Hat Guy”, because he wears a ridiculous hat every episode) who was afraid of murky dark waters. All of a sudden my daughter casually mentions that she’s had the same fear since she was little…well, this is the first I heard about it! I looked at her and asked her how come she never said that to me? She replied “I never told you that, Mom?”…. You learn something new about your teenager everyday I guess! We then started talking about past lives and that although I have had readings where information about past lives has come through for the purpose of addressing a present day issue or phobia, that is not information that I get in readings. And mind you, I’m not in the habit of reading for my daughter at all. Did I mention she was 18?  I then go on to share with her that I believed some irrational fears or phobias may be linked to traumas in past lives.  All of a sudden I started getting flashes of a battleship blowing up and service men’s bodies in the water…. What?!! It was like a movie reel playing in front of me. Then I got a name, William….or Williamson…then I told her “I see the letter D too! And I get that he was from California.” She looked at me amused and said “You know Mom, I AM born on Pearl Harbor Day!” Holy crap, she is! I thought to myself, how could I have forgotten about that! Well, she then went about the business of looking up this person on the internet on the casualty list for Pearl Harbor and she found a WILLIAM DEAN WILLIAMSON, RM2C from CALIFORNIA!! We were both in shock!!! We looked up what his rank was and he was a Radio Man Second Class. This job entailed monitoring communications between ships, some of which was classified and training in computer technology was required. In fact, it was the first IT position in the military created in 1921. My daughter is studying COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and digital art for video game design!! Not a common field that girls generally go into. She took a computer programming class in her senior year and she was the only GIRL in the class and just happened to know more than the teacher. He actually told her that!

I have done further research on Ancestry.com and Obituaries.com but no further information is available on this man, who I now believe is my daughter reincarnated. I will continue my research on him and will post any new discoveries. Both my daughter and I are still scratching our heads about what I received that night and are a little freaked out about it! But I believe the information to be quite extraordinary!

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” William Shakespeare, Hamlet


Client Gets Fantastic Message And It's All Coming Up Roses!



This week a woman came to see me for a session and her mother came through very powerfully. It was obvious that they were very close and the my client was missing her terribly. At one point in the session I see her mother on spirit side surrounded by roses. It was like she was in a world of roses, she was even wearing a rose on her lapel and I relayed this to her daughter. My client leaned back, covered her mouth and gasped! She said “You’re not going to believe this, but my husband ( a self-proclaimed non-believer) and I were watching the Rose Bowl Parade after my mom passed and we BOTH saw her on a float waving! I turned to my husband and said ‘Are you seeing what I’m seeing?’ and he said ‘Yes, that’s your mother!’.” I sat there ASTOUNDED!…and that is pretty hard to do considering what I do every day. She swore up and down that indeed that was her mom and that message is what she came to hear from me. So there you have it. How unbelievable is that?! I am continually amazed what spirits can manifest on this plane. But to be honest, appearing on TV was a first even for me.