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Yesterday I read for two widowers who had lost their wives way to young. Both adored their spouses. Both wives came through giving very personal details about themselves. It was beautiful & heart wrenching to see how close these couples were & still are. True love never dies ❤️

An Amazing Night of Spirit Messages!



I want to thank Arnie Roeland & the Northern/Central Jersey Widows & Widowers support group for inviting me to read for them. It was an extraordinary night with many amazing & ACCURATE spirit messages! One of the pics is of participant Diane showing a key chain that her spirit husband told me her daughter bought in his memory while she was in Ireland on a rainy day (hard to believe it was the ONLY rainy day she encountered on vacation!) But It was ALL TRUE! After reading for 20 people I needed a drink! God bless you all on your life’s journey & I pray that last night was an reminder that your spirit loved ones are closer than you once thought <3

Cardinals are Spirit's Valentine Sent from Heaven


I cannot tell you how many times Cardinals have come up in my sessions with clients as a sign from a loved one in heaven. In the Christian faith, this crimson beauty is a symbol of Christ’s love for us. He loved us so that he shed his blood for mankind. In some Native American tribes, it is a sacred bird associated with love, harmonious relationships and courtship as well as a harbinger of love. Their red color is often associated with romantic love as well as love of any kind. In my readings they are often sent by spirit to their earthly relative as a sign of their everlasting love. So, they truly are Valentine’s sent from Heaven!