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Client Gets Fantastic Message And It's All Coming Up Roses!



This week a woman came to see me for a session and her mother came through very powerfully. It was obvious that they were very close and the my client was missing her terribly. At one point in the session I see her mother on spirit side surrounded by roses. It was like she was in a world of roses, she was even wearing a rose on her lapel and I relayed this to her daughter. My client leaned back, covered her mouth and gasped! She said “You’re not going to believe this, but my husband ( a self-proclaimed non-believer) and I were watching the Rose Bowl Parade after my mom passed and we BOTH saw her on a float waving! I turned to my husband and said ‘Are you seeing what I’m seeing?’ and he said ‘Yes, that’s your mother!’.” I sat there ASTOUNDED!…and that is pretty hard to do considering what I do every day. She swore up and down that indeed that was her mom and that message is what she came to hear from me. So there you have it. How unbelievable is that?! I am continually amazed what spirits can manifest on this plane. But to be honest, appearing on TV was a first even for me.

How Spirit World Communicates with Us



The next time you are driving to you work and all of a sudden your deceased mother’s face flashes in front of you, it’s not a coincidence….not at all. You may not see yourself as a Medium, but that is exactly how they communicate with me. They use your mind to communicate with us here on earth and those passing flashes and thoughts are one way they reach out to us. So the next time that happens, realize that they just said “Hello”!