N Trust & Savings

About the Project

N Trust & Savings is a chain of banks, with a branding focus on personable banking without sacrificing modern banking technology.


N Trust and Savings was in demand for an easier and modern website for their customers. At its previous state, we assessed that the homepage was mostly used to login to their online banking service. Which was great for established customers, but not for new prospective customers who had a hard time navigating the site.

The previous design was based around their brand color of orange, but not much on a means to communicated what N Trust & Savings could do for their customers’ accounts. The N Trust & Savings philosophy was of being a bank for common people who wanted to trust their bank. Their former site just wasn’t communicating this philosophy.


Using large images, and developing custom illustrations and icons meant easier recognition for users to know where to navigate throughout the site. Usman Group created simplified navigation from what was previously implemented. This was important for us, as banking sites can often be overbearing.

We implemented a sidebar on each page which included a means to navigate sectionally, as well as ability to login at any moment, furthering ease of use.

The custom illustrations, icons, and color palette all act as the new N Trust & Savings online identity. These playful images give a warm feeling to their customers, when most competition feels cold or less personable.

May 06 2015
Custom Field
J Company - South Australia