Archive | September 2015

El Amor No Muere! Pareja muestra photos de sus difuntos! 

 Ayer hice una sessión para una pareja encantadora y se cominaron sus padres por ambos lados de la familia. Descrbí la cercanía de sus espíritus familiares. Después la esposa compartió conmigo estas photos incredibles que ellos acertan son los espíritus visitando durante reuniones familiares. El amor no muere! ???

Love Never Dies! Couple captures spirit orbs in pics! ?

I did a reading for the sweetest couple yesterday. Both their parents came through & I saw how active their spirits were with them and their family. Afterwards, the wife shared with me these incredible pics of orbs which they whole-heartedly believe (as I do too!) are their loved ones visiting. All of the photos were taken at birthdays & holidays when all the family would gather together. Love wins over death! ???

Husband From the Other Side Still Thinks Wife is a Hottie!


I just did a beautiful phone reading for a sweet woman out in California who lost her husband….He came through with flying colors describing to me how he loved her lovely legs… and she confirmed this!! I guess he still thinks she’s a hottie!

It never ceases to amaze me how spirits can get just the precise message across to prove to a loved one that it is indeed them that are communicating. I mean, let’s face it, anyone can tell you that your mom, dad etc loves you and is watching over you. But when a medium communicates a specific event, unique physical trait or habit or something that the deceased and loved one only knew of, well, then you are experiencing what I feel is a bonafide spirit communication. Needless to say, my client was very amused that her husband still thought her legs were shapely…even though she confessed they were skinny and not much to look at…..well, he thought otherwise.