A Strong Willed Husband Contacts Wife From the Other Side!

Yesterday I had a client who’s husband had passed away and he was extremely strong in spirit as his personality was in life. During the session he brought up many details of their relationship which she confirmed as well as many incidences in which he had tried to contact her from spirit side; two of which were that he had messed with her phone and made her lights flicker. After the reading she shared with me that she had received a phone call from her OWN in house fax line (same number as her house phone) which is impossible but yet, it happened. Mind-boggling! She showed me the pic below afterwards as well as these irises which for years had never bloomed until after he passed away. Not to mention, she woke up one night and could not get back to sleep and asked her husband to help her fall asleep…All of a sudden Siri came on and said “Did you say: I need help falling asleep Jim?” Her phone was not within her reach….*gulp*… Truly amazing!!


Yesterday I read for two widowers who had lost their wives way to young. Both adored their spouses. Both wives came through giving very personal details about themselves. It was beautiful & heart wrenching to see how close these couples were & still are. True love never dies ❤️



2015 was a roller coaster year for me with many exciting opportunities like my appearance on Telemundo & the many changes in my life that have ensued. I want to thank all of you for being a part of it. For my friends & family (which for me they’re one in the same) who are a blessing to me. Yet, in my work as a medium I come across such loss & sadness that it puts my small problems in perspective. So, for all of you who got knocked down by adversity & loss, may you gather the strength to rise up from the ashes and create a exceedingly happier & joyful 2016! Wishing you all a blessed & beautiful New Year! God Bless!

El Misterio Del Cofre de Tesoro Revelado!

Mi clienta Diana al fin abrió el cajón de su mamá fallecida y encontró el vestido de novia de su mamá junto con el velo y vestidito, gorrita y botitas de bebé. Que casualudad que su hija y sobrina se casan en unos meses! Ella piensa que su mamá también sabe el sexo del primer nieto! Gracias Diana por las fotos ❤️

UPDATE: Mother’s Treasure Chest Contents REVEALED!

*Here’s an UPDATE update on the locked Treasure Chest*On an earlier post I wrote about doing a group reading for Diane Miseo and friends. In the session, her mother came through talking about a chest/trunk that Diane had. Indeed the chest was in the basement but Diane had yet to unlock it to reveal it’s contents. Well here it is! Apparently, Diane felt that her mom was acknowledging her daughter’s and niece’s upcoming weddings…and maybe the sex of her her first gandchild!!! Thanks for posting Diane!

My Work As A Psychic Medium Never Gets Old

I want to send out a thank you to Jane DiMaria who hosted a group yesterday at Jane HairSalon her new charming location in Denville. I spent the day reading for some very beautiful people. I had a woman who lost her husband to a heart attack in September. The first words out of my mouth were “Who’s Mike?”…yup, that was him.

Hermanos Para Siempre ❤️

Anoche consulté una pareja Portuguesa que estaban ansiosos de comunicarse con familiares del más alla. La sesión comenzó con el hermano del señor que había fallecido en los 1970s. Su hermano describio su muerte arrepentina y violenta  y que no quería que su hermano viviente siguiera sufriendo su muerte. Continuó describiendo en detalle su transición al mundo espiritual y el encuentro con su abuelo Antonio y que estaba en paz. Cuando alzé la vista mi cliente estaba llorando, emocionado de todo lo que había oido y me dijo ” Asi fue. Mi hermano fue asesinado. Gracias”.