An Amazing Night of Spirit Messages!



I want to thank Arnie Roeland & the Northern/Central Jersey Widows & Widowers support group for inviting me to read for them. It was an extraordinary night with many amazing & ACCURATE spirit messages! One of the pics is of participant Diane showing a key chain that her spirit husband told me her daughter bought in his memory while she was in Ireland on a rainy day (hard to believe it was the ONLY rainy day she encountered on vacation!) But It was ALL TRUE! After reading for 20 people I needed a drink! God bless you all on your life’s journey & I pray that last night was an reminder that your spirit loved ones are closer than you once thought <3

Is this video proof of an "Other Wordly Intervention"?


There are so many people who have reported encounters of being saved from certain death by unseen forces. As far as I know, this is a legitimate video taken at an intersection in China. A truck is careening towards a man on his bike when suddenly out of nowhere, this person appears and seemingly in a flash, disappears into nothingness with the bike and his passenger and re-appears on the far corner of the intersection, all in a matter of seconds. Everyone is safe and sound, without a scratch! It’s fascinating to watch and begs the question if this is Angelic, Alien, future time traveler or simply a hoax. I’d like to think that this is the real deal and proof that there are Other Worldy Beings who look after us here on Earth.


DianaSelenaI received this pic from Dyana, a client of mine who lost her husband, Mo unexpectedly in an accident last year. In the reading, he told me he would send her a Selena song within the week to let her know he was around. Her appointment was a week ago. This is an example of how spirits communicate with us here on earth. Since they no longer have a body or vocal chords, they will use means within our environment to “orchestrate” their message. I’m so glad that Dyana was open to the message that I gave her in her session and that Mo came through for her just like he said he would. Thanks Mo & Praise God.