Indeed! This quote is so right on! However, when I saw it, I said to myself ‘How about the folks that live with or are married to people who are negative…’ No matter how you slice it, that person has to deal with that negativity everyday. But then, there may be a higher reasons why people in that predicament are there. Perhaps they are learning, growing and have evolved into a more positive person through that experience and maybe it is time to move on or perhaps that person is still evolving. Either way, meditation, prayer, exercise, and eating right are essential in keeping your energy clear in such a circumstance. Asking for Divine guidance and intervention is key as well a keeping your attitude and energy positive. One must be willing to take responsibility for their part in creating that situation…however big or small it may be. In the end, I believe that eventually like attracts like and that life will change to balance this equation.


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