I cannot tell you how many times Cardinals have come up in my sessions with clients as a sign from a loved one in heaven. In the Christian faith, this crimson beauty is a symbol of Christ’s love for us. He loved us so that he shed his blood for mankind. In some Native American tribes, it is a sacred bird associated with love, harmonious relationships and courtship as well as a harbinger of love. Their red color is often associated with romantic love as well as love of any kind. In my readings they are often sent by spirit to their earthly relative as a sign of their everlasting love. So, they truly are Valentine’s sent from Heaven!



  1. Edward C Walsh

    I left berries out very early this AM (2-19-14) on top of my patio wall because, in spite of the mounds of snow covering everything, I started to hear birds chirping. Later, I was happy to see that a male and female cardinal, followed by a robin and sparrow, visited the berries. The cardinals were especially exciting to see. At night, totally unconnected, I decided to try to find your website because I attended a session you gave once. Just read your post about cardinals. Wow. Mom passed in December. Perhaps the cardinal visit was a combo valentine/birthday gift since my birthday was the day before the cardinals. Happy for the gift of love. W

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