This movie is is based on a book written in 1944 by well known Brazilian medium Chico Xavier who channeled over 400 books in his lifetime. It is regarded as a classic and his literary body of  work is considered seminal by spiritualists and spiritists in his native Brazil and the world over. This movie, as channeled by Xavier, tells of the afterlife of Andre Luiz, a respected doctor who’s spiritual journey from purgatory to “Our Home” is told in the first person in great detail. The visual special effects are in my opinion, not the best I have seen in cinema but the content of this film is spot on. It genuinely moved me to tears in certain parts as it chronicled Luiz’s  soul struggle to purge himself of the trappings of his earthly ego in order to ascend to heaven. As a medium, I have communicated for thousands of spirits and the description of heaven that they have channeled though me in sessions over and over again is extremely similar to what is depicted in this film. On that alone I recommend this movie. It is visually rich with details of the afterlife and it emphasizes how there is indeed an order to all things in the universe. But the one and most powerful transformational element in all life, both earthly and heavenly, is love. I highly recommend this film to all who are curious about what the afterlife holds for every one of us.


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