This week ranked among the top 10 best of all time. It was right up there with meeting Santa Clause when I was 3 years old. About 5 weeks ago, a producer from Telemundo’s show Al Rojo Vivo called the day prior to my interview with them & said that they were interested in flying a production crew up from Miami to film me read with a live audience. Well, I for one was PSYCHED! This past Wednesday I met the crew at The Chart House in Weehawken where they had set up their cameras & lights in the event room on the second floor. I must say, it was surreal when I walked in around 9:45am & saw stage lights, TV screens, boom mics and a crew of 6 setting up for the day’s recording! The audience members started trickling in around 10am. I was asked by a anxious audience participant, Lisa, if I was nervous. I think if I had slept the night before, maybe I would have been! Well, the day went off without a hitch & my readings were on point (if I do say so myself!). At one point audience members were in tears because the messages from Spirit were so spot on & moving! At one point, I felt the presence of Angels in the room. Incredible!! I won’t say too much of  much about the messages that came through, so as not to give it away when it airs in July. I will announce the exact dates of when they will air. So stay tuned!

I am truly grateful to God for co-creating this opportunity & for giving me the faith, stamina & wear withal to serve Him & all those who received messages that day ❤️    




  1. Alice

    Not surprised Sylvia! You awesome! Alice

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