WATCH NOW: Recording of Silvia Rossi on Facebook LIVE!

Earlier  today I had the pleasure of reading contest winner Barbara Zak Anderson on Facebook LIVE. I can’t begin to describe the turn of events that made ME CRY! Click on the link below and see for yourself!

Brothers Till The End & Beyond ❤️

I ended my work week with a bang. My last clients were a Portuguese husband & wife who were anxious about contacting family members. The first spirit to come through was the husband’s brother who died back in the 1970s. He described his sudden & violent death and told his brother not to worry that his passing was lightning quick. He then went on to describe in detail how peaceful his “death” was; that he was greeted by Antonio their grandfather & that he didn’t want his brother to continue to relive his death.. My client was in tears when I looked up & said to me, “My brother was murdered, thank you so much”.


Over the weekend I read for 2 families steeped in grief. So much loss. Yet through this difficult time their respective relatives came through. One was a wife who talked about her life in detail & still making cake pops in heaven (she made cakes, cookies etc in her business) Another, a son who had died way too soon who offered his parents comfort in the knowledge he was with Frank & Gigi his grandparents. Life goes by in blink, so hold each other closer, love harder, & live with no regrets.

Husband From the Other Side Still Thinks Wife is a Hottie!


I just did a beautiful phone reading for a sweet woman out in California who lost her husband….He came through with flying colors describing to me how he loved her lovely legs… and she confirmed this!! I guess he still thinks she’s a hottie!

It never ceases to amaze me how spirits can get just the precise message across to prove to a loved one that it is indeed them that are communicating. I mean, let’s face it, anyone can tell you that your mom, dad etc loves you and is watching over you. But when a medium communicates a specific event, unique physical trait or habit or something that the deceased and loved one only knew of, well, then you are experiencing what I feel is a bonafide spirit communication. Needless to say, my client was very amused that her husband still thought her legs were shapely…even though she confessed they were skinny and not much to look at…..well, he thought otherwise.