This past Saturday I read for The Eastern Star Fundraiser and I reconnected with a woman who I read for previously. It was an amazing afternoon where many in the audience received very accurate and meaningful messages! It’s always a plus when someone I read for provides a follow up with pictures! Thank you Etta! Once again, thanks to Kathy Flannagan and Patti Rhinesmith for coordinating it! Here are her two testimonials: The first was back in 2013 and the 2nd just this Saturday. INCREDIBLE!

Hi Silvia, I went to one of your sessions when you were at Silentia chapter eastern star back in September of 2013. You asked me about 8 mm camera, then you asked me about cardinals. You mentioned my dad and his beautiful ice blue eyes. I just wanted to share this picture of the cardinal that visits our house everyday. I call it my Dad. We have been through some rough times again with my mom and he is always there when I look outside. You told me he was telling you that I was doing the right thing. He knew we moved in the apartment upstairs from my mom to help her with her breast cancer and Parkinson’s. I have my doubts sometimes, but when I see the cardinal, I see a sign of relief. Here is a picture I took today (ABOVE) out of my kitchen window. Of course I zoomed my camera….
Just wanted to share with you. I treasure that reading you did everyday and so thankful you connected with my father on the other side

This is what you were talking to me about today. My mother had a small evening bag/purse to match and another case of some kind I remember that my father was describing to you today…..thank you so very much. 💞

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