Every year I look forward to participating at the fundraiser for Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey and this year was no exception. It was held at the White Sands Hotel and catered by Chef George Kretzu owner of Arugula which is in the hotel. The event room was packed!  What can I say, the evening was AMAZING! Spirit messages were flowing!! One of the first messages was for Anne from her brother John who had passed. I strolled up to her and said how good looking & cool her brother was. He said he liked the cowboy boots I was wearing & that he liked boots. Anne jumped up and said she brought his favorite boots to the funeral home so he could wear them. He told me there was a woman who had tucked something with writing on his pocket at his funeral service. Anne could not remember so I asked her family. Well, I received this note from Anne on my Facebook page today:

It was an amazing experience! To know that my brother Joe was there blew me away! The comment about the boots nailed it!!!

I also realized that the note tucked into his lapel was a button that my girlfriend put on his lapel. It said “OMFUG” which was on the front awning at CBGBs!! Amazing!!

Here is another comment from participant, Michelle:

What a great evening Silvia Rossi Thank you I have waited a long time to see you and you didn’t disappoint me. My grandparents came through!

I felt such peace and great vibes throughout the night. My senses were assaulted with visions, tastes, sounds & emotions of the lives of those who once walked among us & were reaching out to their loved ones here on earth to let them know they were alive & well in spirit. Now that to me is success!

A Call From Mom ❤️?

What better way to start my Monday morning than to receive this pic from client Terry Ann Rapuano who saw she had gotten a FaceTime call (even though she never heard the phone ring) while waiting at a tattoo parlor. When she looked at who had called she was shocked to see that it had been her mom…..who passed away earlier this year! I knew Catherine well; she was also a client. In fact, I loved Catherine. She was so down to earth & genuine. One time, she showed up for her appointment with a blanket she had knit for me…I was speechless. That someone had taken the time to make me a something with their own hands was beyond me. I started to tear up when she handed it to me. I’m not surprised that Terry got a “call” from her mom. That was the kind of woman she was…she was special ❤️



Recently I have found the need to share this prayer with a number of clients who’s relatives were stuck. One was a case in which a sister & niece were murdered, another was an uncle who had been misdiagnosed for years & ended up dying from cancer within months and was angry. Some spirit relatives end up in purgatory. Like it says below it is a place where a soul works toward purification. Purgatory comes from the word to “purge”. So here is where souls purge all that is negative and holding them back from experiencing paradise. Other religions believe the same. Judaism, have the same concept; Tibetan Buddhists call it bardo, Hinduism refers to it as moksha. If you feel your loved one is in need of this prayer, feel free to say it. It can’t hurt & can only help a spirit who may be in need of your love and positive energy to help themselves move on to a better place ?

Husband From the Other Side Still Thinks Wife is a Hottie!


I just did a beautiful phone reading for a sweet woman out in California who lost her husband….He came through with flying colors describing to me how he loved her lovely legs… and she confirmed this!! I guess he still thinks she’s a hottie!

It never ceases to amaze me how spirits can get just the precise message across to prove to a loved one that it is indeed them that are communicating. I mean, let’s face it, anyone can tell you that your mom, dad etc loves you and is watching over you. But when a medium communicates a specific event, unique physical trait or habit or something that the deceased and loved one only knew of, well, then you are experiencing what I feel is a bonafide spirit communication. Needless to say, my client was very amused that her husband still thought her legs were shapely…even though she confessed they were skinny and not much to look at…..well, he thought otherwise.

Wife Receives Beautiful Sign From The Beyond From Husband ?Esposa Recibe Mensaje De Esposo Del Mas Alla ?

Over a year ago, Dyana came to see me for a session. Sadly, she had lost her husband Moe in a tragic car accident and was looking to connect with him. During the session he communicated that he would send her a butterfly as a sign of his love. I received this picture from her yesterday confirming this. Moe kept his promise! ❤️

Hace más de un año atras Dyana se consultó conmigo. Lamentablemente, su esposo Moe había fallecido trágicamente en un accidente de carro y estaba buscando consolación. En la sesión el comunicó que le iba a mandar una mariposa como un señal de su amor y presencia un su vida. Ayer recibí esta foto de Dyana confirmando esto. Moe no falló en su promesa! ❤️

Review of The Movie Astral City: A Spiritual Journey


This movie is is based on a book written in 1944 by well known Brazilian medium Chico Xavier who channeled over 400 books in his lifetime. It is regarded as a classic and his literary body of  work is considered seminal by spiritualists and spiritists in his native Brazil and the world over. This movie, as channeled by Xavier, tells of the afterlife of Andre Luiz, a respected doctor who’s spiritual journey from purgatory to “Our Home” is told in the first person in great detail. The visual special effects are in my opinion, not the best I have seen in cinema but the content of this film is spot on. It genuinely moved me to tears in certain parts as it chronicled Luiz’s  soul struggle to purge himself of the trappings of his earthly ego in order to ascend to heaven. As a medium, I have communicated for thousands of spirits and the description of heaven that they have channeled though me in sessions over and over again is extremely similar to what is depicted in this film. On that alone I recommend this movie. It is visually rich with details of the afterlife and it emphasizes how there is indeed an order to all things in the universe. But the one and most powerful transformational element in all life, both earthly and heavenly, is love. I highly recommend this film to all who are curious about what the afterlife holds for every one of us.


Ghost Stalkers Premier!


The new kid on the block of paranormal shows, Ghost Stalkers premiered Sunday 10/19. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the showing by good friend and Paranormal Researcher, David Rountree. It was held at the Marley’s Gotham Bar and Grill in Hackettstown NJ and all attendees were in for a real treat. Ghost Stalkers stars actor Chad Lindberg who also starred in The Fast and Furious and October Sky and John E.L Tenney, paranormal expert, author and lecturer who both had near death experiences when they were young. Since then, Chad has possessed a keen awareness and sensitivity to the paranormal, something that becomes all too eerily apparent in this first episode. The show features cutting edge technology developed by David that measures wormholes, usually associated with the occurrence of portals in which paranormal activity occurs. This cutting edge show has downright chilling moments while providing what could be scientific proof of how spirits actually manifest in the physical realm. Chad provided some genuinely scary moments as he attempted to make contact with a negative entity in this first episode filmed at Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana. The crowd at Marley’s was riveted to say the least. Even the bartender, who initially seemed nonchalant, was a little freaked out by the entity’s activity caught by the Ghost Stalkers. Needless to say, I will be tuning in Sundays at 10pm!




It is staggering the number of people who I have read for who have lost a loved one over the past 22 years. The insight  I have gained as a medium is secondary to the understanding I have gained about grief and loss. If there is anything that I have learned it’s that everyone grieves differently. And those who are placed in a a position to help such individuals, be it family or friends, must understand this truth. Well intended people may think that they know best when attempting to help a person who has recently lost a loved one. Well intentioned but misguided friends may want to show them a good time or even suggest support groups to help alleviate the grief. But in all honesty, if the individual is not ready to receive the help, it will only further alienate the individual. Never force the person to do something they are not emotionally ready for, no matter how strongly you believe it will help them.

Allow people to grieve in the manner they see fit. Give them their space. Of course if you suspect that the individual is severely depressed or suicidal, then it is best to involve close and trusted family members to help support him or her by suggesting they receive professional help. The passing of time offers it’s own healing. For those who have suffered the loss of a significant person in their lives, time will never fill the void, but it will allow for it to soften the emotional impact of the loss. The best that you can do is support them in whatever manner they will accept. Give them a chance to heal at their own pace and in their own time frame with the love, care and concern of family and friends.

My daughter receives a shocking revelation!

The Arizona


Last Friday night, my 18 year old daughter and I decided to spend a girls night in. We had made dinner and were poised to watch Face Off, one of our favorite shows on the SyFy Channel. It is a competition/elimination series showcasing makeup effects artists in which 3 judges pick the winner of each week’s makeup challenge. This show’s challenge had to incorporate each artist’s childhood fears and clowns. The competitors talked about their childhood fears, from spiders to tornadoes. There was one guy (I call him “Ugly Hat Guy”, because he wears a ridiculous hat every episode) who was afraid of murky dark waters. All of a sudden my daughter casually mentions that she’s had the same fear since she was little…well, this is the first I heard about it! I looked at her and asked her how come she never said that to me? She replied “I never told you that, Mom?”…. You learn something new about your teenager everyday I guess! We then started talking about past lives and that although I have had readings where information about past lives has come through for the purpose of addressing a present day issue or phobia, that is not information that I get in readings. And mind you, I’m not in the habit of reading for my daughter at all. Did I mention she was 18?  I then go on to share with her that I believed some irrational fears or phobias may be linked to traumas in past lives.  All of a sudden I started getting flashes of a battleship blowing up and service men’s bodies in the water…. What?!! It was like a movie reel playing in front of me. Then I got a name, William….or Williamson…then I told her “I see the letter D too! And I get that he was from California.” She looked at me amused and said “You know Mom, I AM born on Pearl Harbor Day!” Holy crap, she is! I thought to myself, how could I have forgotten about that! Well, she then went about the business of looking up this person on the internet on the casualty list for Pearl Harbor and she found a WILLIAM DEAN WILLIAMSON, RM2C from CALIFORNIA!! We also discovered that he served in the Battleship The Arizona.  We were both in shock!!! We looked up what his rank was and he was a Radio Man Second Class. This job entailed monitoring communications between ships, some of which was classified and training in computer technology was required. In fact, it was the first IT position in the military created in 1921. My daughter is studying COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and digital art for video game design!! Not a common field that girls generally go into. She took a computer programming class in her senior year and she was the only GIRL in the class and just happened to know more than the teacher. He actually told her that!

I have done further research on and but no further information is available on this man, who I now believe is my daughter reincarnated. Below is the link to what we have found his name. I will continue my research on him and will post any new discoveries. Both my daughter and I are still scratching our heads about what I received that night and are a little freaked out about it! But I believe the information to be quite extraordinary!

WILLIAMSON, William Dean




WILLIS, Robert Kenneth Jr.




WILSON, Bernard Martin



New York




“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” William Shakespeare, Hamlet